Steam Bathdesign and contruction

For more than 16 years we have been dealing with steam bath construction. 

Own EPS mold construction for SPA systems / dry construction and steam bath construction.
We produce individual Spa Modules made of EPS (polystyrene) for dry construction, SPA areas, formwork construction. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!
Our offer is aimed at architects, the construction industry, the drywall and also for handy home improvement. Exclusivity and feel-good atmosphere of rooms can be achieved by individual special design. Edgeless, vaulted, provided with illuminated niches – with our EPS modules you can save time and achieve the desired exclusive look.


steam bath technology – steam generator and accessoires
The steam generator is the heart of a steam bath, if this does not work then your steam cabin is also “out of order” – that’s why we rely on high-quality electric steam generators from European production. You have the opportunity to purchase the necessary components for a steam cabin as well as the sophisticated technology from us, or we can deliver a pre-produced (coated with heating) cabin to measure by us or even mount. Numerous seat modules are available for your project. The EPS modules can also be combined, resulting in numerous comfortable reclining and seating options.
Your given space essentially determines the seat shape or combination option.

SPA MODULES made of EPS (Polystyrene)

SPA – Modules made of EPS – for steam bath building or drywall (wellness areas) Production made in Austria

For do-it-yourselfers / tilers who want to build a steam bath themselves, we offer quality products, which we ourselves use in the construction of our steam cabins. You can arrange your SPA modules individually or have them prefabricated by us. Whether seats, niches, dome roof or wellness loungers with infrared heat (free-standing in the room). You can also send us your desired shape, we make to measure!


Steam generator - Steam bath technique

SOL-Steam Steam generator

SOL-Steam Steam generator- high-quality electrode humidifier (steam generator) from European production! No Asian product!


Own Production!

We produce almost any desired EPS shape for you.

It could not be simpler!


Salt/Brine and Tea-inhalation technology

Healthy sea air in your own bathroom .. No problem with our patented BRINE inhalation technology!


Wellness SPA Lounger with infrared heat

Infrared loungers for your sauna area, wellness area, conservatory bathroom and living room.

Steam bath loungers in larger steam baths provide comfort and luxury

If you have more space available we recommend steam baths loungers!

Very high relaxation and well-being. You can also combine them with comfort seats (see our SPA seat Modules)

Get informed here about the right quality steam bath technology



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