SPA Module Steam Bath Seat Combinations

SPA Module Steam Bath Seat Combinations

SPA module steam bath seat T95 combination

Is that easy! SIMPLY SMART!

Build yourself a steam bath with a generous combination of a steam bench T95 which is combined with the module BT.B GK again in the steam bath seat T95.

It creates a lounger on where one persons can lift up the feet and the second person can seat beside.

This is easier than ever with the SPA modules from SOLEUM!

Simply glue in the prefabricated shower seat (eg with mounting foam), coat with fiberglass mesh, heat with special heating mat, seal it and then the tiling process can start.

You already have a great shower bench with more space than the conventional shower seats. SPA Module Steam Bath Seat Combinations are available in a variety of designs, depending mostly on your available space – contact us for a suggestion!

You can refine your tiled shower seat when you electrically heat it. Matching heating mats are available. The heating mat or the surface temperature is controlled by a heating controller, which is mounted outside of the shower.

The bench BT.B GK - the perfect counterpart SPA Module

SPA Modul Dampfbadsitz BT.B zu T95 Gegenkontur

At larger comfort chairs a drainage has to be installed!


Download the following description regarding the seating drainage procedure. Simply drill a hole diagonally down a hole using a longer drill and thread in the plastic pipe and glue in place.

Sitzbank Entwässerung Download

The following example shows a combination of two T65 benches with intermediate bench BT.B GK (counter part contour)

SPA Modul Dampfbadsitz Kombinationen