Shower seat “corner seat” R30080 for tiling, seat depth approx. 40cm to the back element with radius 300mm side length 80cm / 80cm (also available in 70x70cm), diagonal front approx 116cm

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Shower seat corner seat made of EPS “corner seat” R300S80 for tiling

  • not meshed / no coating
  • not tiled
  • Color gray

We recommend the shower seat and usually also those wall parts where you lean against and bottom part) necessarily to heat!
There is an adapted heating mat for shower seat which fits exactly on the seat module.

These steam bath seat molds are perfect as a shower seat for tiling. Instead of the conventional filigree folding seats you have here a later very robust shower seat which you can heat and tiling. Not only visually enhances this steam bath seat your shower or steam room but is also very comfortable.


Seat depth about 40cm to the back element
with radius 300mm
Thigh length 80cm / 80cm (also available in 70x70cm),
Diagonal front about 116cm


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Weight 7 kg


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