Steam bath seat T65, seat depth approx. 65cm, backrest height 110cm

Lieferzeit: 4-7 days


Steam bath bench T65 – EPS raw spa module for tiling

  • not meshed / no coating
  • not tiled
  • Color gray
  • 2-pieces production (bottom part and back separately)

Extent: ca.130cm

We recommend the steam bath seat T65 (and usually also those wall parts where you lean in and bottom part) necessarily to heat! -> to the heated steam bath seat
You also have the possibility to order the seat already finished with a filled heating mat. -> to the pre-produced steam bath seat

These seat shapes are perfect as a shower seat for tiling. Instead of the conventional filigree folding seats you have here a later very robust steam bath seat, which you can heat and tiling. Not only visually enhances this steam bath seat your shower or steam room but is also very comfortable.



Cutting service!

This steam room bench is available in any lenght. Please select your preferred dimension on the selection fields above (in cm!) the price is calculated automatically. Shipment would be with DHL or a forwarding agent. Please contact us for the rate if the price is not listet in the basket.

The molded parts are due to bulkiness in several parts but tailored in your desired overall choice (eg 126cm).



If your shower niche hast e.g. 130cm, please select the seat 2cm smaller!

You can also combine the steam bath T65 with other seats -yes according to your steam bath size (recommended at least 180cm). Here you can see a combination with a lounger:

Combination steam bath T60 with lounger

Der richtige Systemaufbau eines Dampfbadsitzes


Additional information

Weight 20.000 kg


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